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Who We Are

You get the team you deserve

Performance3 is a team of authentic leaders and experts from business, sport, special forces, and science, all of whom have a set of life experiences that will help maximise your potential, and give you the confidence to realise your vision

People, Purpose, Process

Reinforce, Calibrate, Change

What We Do

It’s about your success and longevity, not ours

We create bespoke coaching and mentoring programmes in collaboration with your senior leadership team.

What We Do

How We Do It

Developing the basics that underpin excellence

Our highest quality, authentic leadership eco system will embed itself in your team, and share its experiences, to help you overcome challenge, regardless of your specialisation or industry.

Our experientials will unearth hidden talents, expose vulnerabilities, and build resilience as a catalyst for enhanced and sustainable team performance.

Body, Mind, Craft

Why Choose Us

Loyalty is everything

Our experiences of “team” has nurtured a belief that a shared commitment to every individual will deliver a positive difference across communities.

Trust, Accountability, Courage

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