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Are you a leader of an organisation or do you work in support of a charity that you would like to create an unforgettable experience for? Perhaps you would like to galvanise team members by challenging their skills in an alternative environment taking them out of their comfort zone. Together with you, we can create a package to help your organisations' members to sharpen their attributes. We'll focus on developing confidence, dependability, mindfullness, bravery and teamwork.
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Day 1 – Thurs 24 Sept 2023 - International departure from London
Your fundraising and training is about to pay off, the big day has finally arrived. Wave goodbye to family and friends, meet your new friends before you board the overnight flight to Manaus, Brazil.
Day 2 – Fri 25 Sept 2023 - Arrive Manaus
Transfer from the airport to the Go Inn hotel in Manaus and relax after your flight and enjoy Manaus In the evening you will meet the leaders and your local guides in the famous Saint Sebastian Square for dinner at the Tambiqua Al Banda.

Accommodation: Go Inn
Day 3 – Sat 26 Sept 2023 – Manaus – Prepare & Acclimatise
Today we will make sure your equipment is good to go, you will receive a welcome brief from your leader and guides, and we will head out to explore Saint Sebastian Square which is host to the famous Opera House.

More importantly, becoming accustomed to the heat and humidity before going into the rainforest are essential, and time is limited, so use this time well. Preparing yourself physically before the challenge is all important.

Accommodation: Go Inn

Day 4 – Sun 27 Sept 2023 - Manaus to Jungle
After a good breakfast, you will leave civilisation and the real challenge begins. After a 1-hour journey to our roadside drop off point, you will literally step into the Rainforest. Keeping your wits about you, as you will enter the Amazonian jungle realm, with its incredible bio-diversity from live supporting food supplies to giant snakes and poisonous frogs; get ready to test your survival skills. The pace will be steady today, and there will be regular breaks as your guides point out the various flora and fauna that makes up your outdoor pantry.

We will reach our first campsite after a 3-4-hour trek. Fires will be burning, dinner will be in the pot, and your hammocks will be set up and ready. Tomorrow you will start learning to perform all these tasks yourself.

Enjoy your first night under the jungle canopy listening to the sounds of the forest

Accommodation: Jungle Campsite 1

Day 5 – Mon 28 Sept 2023 - Amazon Jungle Trek
Following an early breakfast, we will begin our first full day’s trek, heading deeper into the jungle through the lush greenery of the humid rainforest. Keeping hydrated in the heat and humidity is key as you push through the vegetation, the ultimate way to explore the world's largest tropical rainforest. Keep your eye out for the

We will stop for lunch, which you will see being prepared in the forest, and whilst it is cooking we will learn how to set up our own hammocks, build shelters and beds from the various palms, make Envira (rope) from the vines, and there will even be time to take on the tree climbing challenge.

We will make camp before dusk giving you plenty of time to set up your own hammock before dinner. The evening is free to get to know your fellow challengers, forging friendships, then and relax in your hammock and enjoy a well-deserved night’s sleep after another tough day.

Accommodation: Jungle Campsite 2
Day 6 – Tues 29 Sept 2023 - Trek to the River 
Day 3 in the jungle and we continue to build on your jungle survival skills as we navigate our way towards the Rio Negro. During today’s lunch stop, we will learn how to build fires with the natural resources around us, further develop our knowledge of the rainforests abundant food supply by foraging for nuts, fruits and Babasu (grubs), and we will learn how to set traps for prey of all kinds…. In the afternoon, the team will be given the responsibility of navigating us to our riverside campsite.

Once established in the campsite, there will be the option of going out on a nighttime adventure to track and observe the Alligators as they hunt.

Accommodation: Riverside Jungle Camp 3
Day 7 – Weds 30 Sept 2023 - The Riverine Phase 
It’s a very early start this morning as we leave the forest and enter the canoes for the riverine phase. It’s a 0400 shake with coffee, and we’re on the water by 0445. We paddle steadily to spot the exotic birdlife, caimans, and enjoy the amazing sunset that has eluded us whilst we were under the jungle canopy. We will arrive at Recanto De Boto, an indigenous village community on the river, an hour later where you will get the opportunity to swim with the rare pink dolphins and fish for Pirarucu. Afterwards, we will share breakfast with the locals before continuing our way up the river taking in this special environment, observing the wildlife and perhaps stopping to share a snack with the squirrel monkeys.

Lunch today will be shared with another indigenous community. However, it will be you with your newfound skills, who will be preparing the catch of the day, and building the fires. Whilst lunch is cooking, we will experience the warmth and generosity of our hosts as they give us an introduction to the traditional flour making process and demonstrate traditional fish catching techniques and equipment.

After sharing our lunch with the community, we will paddle the rest of our way to our last night stop at Big Tree camp.

Accommodation: Jungle Big Tree Campsite 4
Day 8 – Thurs 1 Oct 2023 - Meet the Tucuya Tribe
After breakfast we continue to trek on foot through our third eco system of the week. We’ve experienced Rainforest that remains above water level during the wet season, we’ve spent time on the river system, and now we navigate our way through a part of the Rainforest that is underwater for 6 months of the year. The flora and fauna present a whole new experience and also some new challenges.

After a morning’s trek, we will arrive at the beach on the Rio Negro. The Amazon is approximately 350km across at its widest point, and although our crossing to meet the Tucuya Tribe on their private island will be a much shorter transit on the motorboats that will accompany us throughout, you will get an appreciation of the true vastness of the Amazonian river system.

Once we arrive at the Tucuya Tribe’s island and we are granted permission to step on to land by the Passon, (the Mayor of the Forest), we will swim and have lunch in paradise. Afterwards we will be hosted by the Passon and his tribe who will show us some traditional dancing in their Maloca. We will exchange gifts with the Tucuya before recovering to the motorboats and make our way back to the civilization of Manaus for a much-deserved celebration dinner.

Day 9 – Fri 2 Oct 2023 - Farewell to Manaus and Brazil
After breakfast you will have a free morning to do your last bit of shopping, before departing Manaus for our return flight to the UK.
Day 10 – Sat 3 Oct 2023 - Arrive London Heathrow
Today we arrive back in the UK and familiar civilisation, feeling proud that we have survived one of the most remote jungle challenges in the World, and all in aid of this fantastic cause.
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